For Individualists

A-MAZE collected the brands and designers, that twist and bend idea of Taste. The main focus in an individuum, a subjective perception of a person. So we define our scopes by diving into the most original attributes of the objects. The distinctive style creates an unique juxtaposition, that allows to express more than just a fashion, that drives to explore personality. In our mind, there is no difference in Street- or High-Fashion, we combine them, bend the gender approach to clothes to create a “future-vintage”, that exist in-between the music, furniture, fragrances, books and a variety of objects.

The Concept

MAZE is a metaphor. In A-MAZE Concept Store you will be able to find your own ways to experience beauty. There is many people like us, who are tired of being faceless fashion consumers. There is a need of getting back to the source: an icon, a style, even more – an unique style with its own rules. A-MAZE is provocative, is bringing the revolution to the concept of beauty, shape or colours, tries to break the boundaries and authority, to create something that is unique and vivid.


The Selection

With a fine selection from the most vivid and creative designer brands from all over the world, we try to create a personalised and diversified lifestyle for the customers. We wash off all your preconceived ideas about fashion, re-examine and explore its values. So-called style and taste – no longer bounded by limits of geography, races or culture – gives a chance to express yourself with a freedom of choice. We hope that with those minor changes, we can start to introduce a sparkle of independency to the rapid developing Chinese Contemporary Fashion Scene.
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